have you ever seen somebody so impossibly attractive that you completely question their existence and wonder how it’s even possible to look that good


britishhipsterforlife asked: I love all your Liam pictures. Date me.

i replied:

Aww haha 😁 okay lets do it

gaylinbum asked: i recently followed you and youre like one of my favorite blogs already oh my god

i replied:

Thank you so much!! that means a lot :) x

Anonymous asked: can you please explain what you mean by that liam and harry hate post? I don't want to bother you though :)

i replied:

Could you please be more specific? Haha


when ur crush sits near you



Zayn taken by sailing-sh1ps, 24/7/13


"I love you"


what do you mean i’m not dating zayn malik

Anonymous asked: Zayn has the tattoo so we have to ignore all the Ziam we've seen in the last 1,5 year.......

i replied:


Which tattoo?

The space monkey for Liam?
The snake for Liam?
The wing with the missing feather for Liam?

Or the cartoon of Meg Griffin on his arm because he’s just that much of an animation nerd?

003 by Dreamer. Strong by London Grammar.